"To discover and develop knowledge to maintain health and prevent disease"

in individuals and populations across the lifespan.

About Us


The CLER brings together expertise in population research ranging from maternal and child health, genetics and epigenetics, chronic diseases with a focus on the cardiovascular system, to aging outcomes such as maintenance of cognitive and physical performance and mobility with aging.

Center faculty have diverse interests and perform research with implications for health across the lifespan.

Obesity Documentary


Bogalusa Heart Study research is featured prominently in the HBO documentary series on obesity. The Weight of the Nation documentary series and public awareness campaign by HBO features National Institutes of Health research conducted in part in Bogalusa showing how obesity affects the country’s health and how interventions can turn the tide against obesity and its complications. HBO, in consultation with NIH and other major health organizations, developed four documentaries focused on obesity.

Bogalusa Heart Study

three-colums_r3_c1 The Center for Lifespan Epidemiology Research provides support and resources to preserve and manage data and specimens of the Bogalusa Heart Study. This study is one of the longest on-going studies of a biracial, semi-rural community in the South. Our focus is on understanding the impact of vascular and metabolic changes on health throughout the lifespan.